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1 Purchase With Code DREAM

Make any purchase with the code DREAM to be added to the exclusive Vault Access List. The DREAM code is good for 10% off an order of $30 or more. The purchase can be made now through September 25th.

2 The Vault Opens September 21st

After purchasing with code DREAM, return to this page as early as September 21st to get access to our Vice Vault exclusives --our most popular products, special bundles, dollar store and 80% off! You may still purchase with DREAM after the vault opens.

3 Shop Vault From Sep. 21-25th

The Summer Vault will be open from September 21st through 25th to customers who have purchased with the DREAM code. Orders placed with code DREAM that are cancelled will result in Vault access being revoked.

The Vault Opens In

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  • The Glambot Vault

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