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60% off lippies today only!

60% off lippies today only!

The Vault Closes In

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  • If you got a V.I.P invite in the mail - click here

    want even more vault goodies?? - go here


    Are you on the list???


    Make a purchase using code "FIREDRILL"

    Beginning the 31st of July you can place an order with the code FIREDRILL for $5 off $20 + this will put you on the list to shop the vault sale! - you may also use your secret code from your flyer or your SMS upgrade. You will then get access to the sale on the 5th of August.


    Shop the Vault from August 5th - 11th

    Vault will open on August 5th through the 11th and only those who have made a qualifying purchase with the code will be allowed to enter. If you're not on the list by August 5th, you can still make a qualifying purchase with the same code to gain access!

    One $20 purchase with code: FIREDRILL

    Gets you one invite to the exclusive vault shopping experience


    A few times a year we mark down over 13,000 items and lock our very best goodies into the vault - only customers that have placed an order with the secret code can shop the vault items - with deals up to 80% off plus exclusive bundles and free items you wont want to miss out!

    to be the first to get access make your order with the code PINKVAULT

    or your secret flyer code before august 6th - otherwise on the 6th you can get instant access


    Beginning July 31st we will be locking down our very best goodies on the site starting then you may make an order with the code: PINKVAULT ( or the code on your flyer) this will give you $$ off your order + put you on the list to shop vault when it opens on AUGUST 6TH if you got a flyer in the mail you may use your code any time between the 31st and the 5th to get on the list or on the 6th to get instant access

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