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The Vault Closes In

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  • If you got a V.I.P invite in the mail - click here

    want even more vault goodies?? - go here


    Make a purchase using code "TROPICS"

    beginning the 25th - make a purchase of $20 + with the code: ICEBABY to get on the list for the exclusive vault shopping experience + $5 off that order

    Beginning the 14th of May you must make your qualifying order of at least $20 with the code: TROPICS to get put on the list for exclusive vault shopping on the 18th. This will also give you $5 off that order!!


    Shop the Vault from May 14th - 18th

    Vault will open on May 14th through the 18th and only those who have made a qualifying purchase with the code will be allowed to enter. If you're not on the list by May 14th, you can still make a qualifying purchase with the same code to gain access!

    One $20 purchase with code: TROPICS

    Gets you one invite to the exclusive vault shopping experience

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