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Packaging Instructions

  • Send at least 20 items that fall under our approved brands list 
  • If available, place items in their original retail packaging 
  • Use a box to pack up your items
  • No padded envelopes or bags
  • Individually wrap fragile items (ie. pressed powders and any items that are easily shattered)
  • Bag/group samples together
  • Use minimal low-stick tape
  • No heavy duty packing/duct tape on inner items - scotch tape is preferred (packing tape OK for outer box sealing)
  • No tape on the items (ie. do not put tape on the item containers. Excessively taping items may cause damage to the packaging)
  • Do not tape/seal all opening ends when wrapping items. Keep at least one side open (ensures fast and efficient processing times for when we receive your package)
  • No inserting of bubble wrap inside container (ie. do not place bubble wrap on actual makeup product - causes indentations on product, lowering the value)
  • Ok to use a flat piece of tissue or paper for protection
  • Make sure there isn’t any extra “jiggle” room (ie. stuff remaining space in box with bubble wrap, tissue paper or other lightweight packing materials)
  • * Please note that Glambot will not buy items damaged during shipping. Sellers who follow these instructions will be eligible to a payout bonus. If not followed, your package will be sent to the back to the queue during sell evaluation If your package does not qualify we reserve the right to “decline to offer”. All non-qualifying/rejected sell packages can be returned at the cost of shipping. Non-qualifying/rejected items from accepted packages cannot be returned and will be recycled, disposed of, or used for promotional purposes.

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