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Trade Makeup For Cash

We'll send you cash for your new or unloved makeup.

Earn 30% more in store credit!

We'll send you a free shipping label.

Download, print, and attach it to an appropriately sized box. We'll pay for the shipping.

How do I accept my offer?

We will send you an offer via email. You can accept simply by replying. We'll then issue payment in cash to your PayPal account or 30% more store credit.

Which brands do you buy?

All the brands we accept are located on our approved brands list (we do not currently buy brands not on the list). View our earnings table to estimate your total.

How should I pack the makeup?

When possible, individually wrap all items. View our packaging instructions page for more details. Be sure to send at least 20 items.

Need More Information?

Check out our Seller's FAQ or email us at help@glambot.com.

How Much Can I Earn?

Use the calculator below to estimate your earnings. You can enter a brand, product type, or even a specific item.



How To Pack Your Makeup

1 Original Packaging

If available, send items in their original retail packaging.

2 Wrap Individually

Items should be bubbled wrapped individually. Please no peanuts or extra tape!

3 No Empty Space

Use a fully-stuffed, padded envelope or box to ship items. This prevents items from breaking!

View the video below or learn more about how to safely pack your makeup.

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